Handmade in the UK

Nautic Audio

The Nautic Audio loudspeaker offers sophisticated listening and superior design for a new generation of audiophiles.

Hand crafted from carbon fibre by master builders in the UK, the loudspeaker’s unique boat shape is visually elegant and optimal for acoustic neutrality.

modes and sound mixes to suit every occasion... controlled by the Nexus app

The system provides features that will be used everyday: different modes for a night-time movie vs a party with friends. It gets the sound level right so that you aren’t reaching for the volume control.

These modes are controlled via wifi using an app. Updates will be available for unique sound mixes by music and movie sound artists and can be downloaded to the loudspeaker.

A custom acoustic equalization mode is also available.

consistently excellent sound and spatial imaging

The ribbon loudspeaker and woofer units give ultra low distortion and linear response of a professional quality.

The unique tweeter waveguide gives constant directivity allowing consistently excellent sound quality and spatial imaging over a wide listening area.

digital or analog sources

The loudspeaker has digital and analog inputs to connect with a TV, a ChromeCast unit, or an Airport for Airplay.

designed to provide a domestic anchor, Nexus fits organically into a room to create the right vibe

filling a gap in the market with high quality sound

We believe that there is a need to regularly experience high quality audio in homes with an appropriate aesthetic and that this is currently not available: neither from the loudspeaker brands identifying with luxury lifestyles of the “boomer generation”, nor from the non-adaptive omni-directional portable loudspeaker systems of the past decade.

Nexus Loudspeaker v1 available now!


  • Frequency response: 45 Hz-25 kHz.
  • 2×125 W class D amplifier.
  • 24 bit, 96 kHz digital processor.
  • Connectivity to local network for mode control using the Nautic Audio app (for iOS or Android).
  • Audio modes for music, movie, night-time and custom calibration.
  • Stereo audio inputs: XLR, RCA or AES digital.